There is so much pollution and trash in the world today. Everyone is affected by pollution whether we see it or not. When we cleaned up Ventura College there was trash everywhere. But when I say everyone is affected by pollution I mean that animals that we eat are consuming the trash that we discard. Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful materials into the environment, keyword being harmful. Pollutants can be all kinds of things, but the main pollutants are water pollutions, air pollution, soil pollution, light pollution, and noise pollution. Chemical factories are the cause of many of these pollutions, for chemical factories produce waste that goes into the air and also the water which can also lead to soil pollution. But chemical factories are not the only cause to blame pollution on, regular everyday people can be part of the problem too, like I saw when we were cleaning up VC. Students and I am sure some teachers just let their trash go on the ground when they were done with it.

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